16 Days & Forever Nights

I love her like the desert greets rain
Mountains & valleys, echo her name
Rumsha, I whisper inside hollow caves
Fuchsia and red so beautiful the sky stained

Evenings in summer on blankets we lay
Catching fireflies like memories we make
Held in jars atop fireplaces in December
Our light, our guidance that day we remember

I leave her once, I say never again
Three and four come to keep us sane
This is our ballad, a slow dance in the rain
For after this not even time can take us away

I love her like the sun graces the moon
With every ocean crash, my heart beats anew
Rumsha, I whisper I am made for you
Rumsha, I whisper I love you


*Written for my best friend, my amazing half, my soul mate, my wife.


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