We Are

I am not embarrassed
I am not defeated
I am not humiliated
I am green
I am white
I am the blood that pumps in the veins of a 170 million
I am the water, the food, the cloth that covers the masses
I am not the American dream but the bread and butter that feeds the homeless
I am the flag that hangs overhead dancing in the wind
I am the sound of a million fans cheering their team
I am the hearts of a nation beating in unity
This is for victory
This is for our self-imposed humility
This is for the times when everyone said we couldn’t but we still believed
We showed the world that we dont need to be marked demographically
That we are proud to be who we are and we are the working class
We are sweat dripping down faces of mothers and fathers
We are the bread makers that dont have money to feed our sons and daughters
We are a nation divided but if one falls we all stand shoulder to shoulder
We arent the butt of every joke seen on NBC
We might have accents but we still swallow perfect english better then professors with English PhDs
The world might cast us as the deadliest nation in the world, but the meaning of hospitality isnt known until you stay in our allies
Misunderstood to the point that we have become a different species
Ignorant of the mistakes other nations have made
Forgetting Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Say we are all terrorists
Call us enemies
Shout names that degrade us but we dont care
We know who we are
And we are a people bound by calamities
But we are also a people bound by smiles in the face of defeat
We are the poor, the weak, the hungry
But amongst us are the rich, the able, the ready
To defend the colors of our country
To be the front thats never shown on tv
To be the dam that stops the flood coming to our shores
To work together in times of dark in hopes that one day we will once again be what we stood for
So no, I am not ashamed
I am not embarrassed
I am not silenced
I am proud
I am green
I am white
I am the love that runs through veins
I am the national anthem
I am different tongues all speaking the same language
I am victory
I am determination
I am waking up at the crack of dawn to sow fields with a horse and fist full of seeds
I am dirt roads, and roofs made with belief
I am not my corrupt government
I am breaking stereotypes
I am the youth, the old, the now
So for all the people who pushed us aside
For all the people who never took our side
Who never believe in our fight
Its not a fight to the death
Its not a fight for global control
Its a fight against corruption
To defeat violence with peace
To say look this is what we achieved
To say we are not only green
We are not only white
We are a prism to take all the colors and unite
We stand for decency
We stand for freedom
We stand for all the things you do
We are Pakistan
We are India
We are broken borders from which love flows freely
We are the world
We. are. unity.

– rome


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