Fear & Ammunition

Sirens go off in my mind

Do I stand or jump in blind

Questions, with no answers, burn my time

I stay, overlooking the ocean

Mulling over another question

What’s the difference between an island and a prison

Like the one I see off in the distance

Not much, says my intuition

Just a matter of personal perception

Like fear behind false bravado and ammunition

An orphan asking a King for fulfillment

Forget that deaf isn’t the same as not listening


I dedicate this poem to all the innocent children that have been killed unjustly in Syria and Palestine. Our world is being ruled by leaders who claim to do the best for their people but instead do only the opposite. They hide behind false words, inaction, and a desire to help themselves.

All of us have in one way or another an impact on someone else. Don’t take this responsibility lightly. Be just to those who rely on you. Whether that is your neighbor, your son, daughter, spouse, parent, friend, dog, cat, or a tree. Every living thing deserves nothing but the best from each of us.

I would love to hear what this poem meant to you. Comment below and leave your thoughts.
Much love!

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